Wednesday, 6 December 2017


This is also one of my catch up post. In this activity, we 
were to read different text to answer questions. I finished it 
off this morning in the literacy block.   

Athletics Recount Writing

Last Friday (10/11/12) was Pt England school's Athletics day! In our athletics day, there are different stations. Such as high jump, sprints, discus, shot put, and much more! If you come 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in any of the games, then you will go to the East Inter zone. 

It was a fun day to experience. The good thing was, all my friends were there and we were just having a blast! My favourite activity was dodge ball. Then fun thing about it was just that we were just having fun throwing the ball at each other. We were also earning points for our house colour. 

Before the day ended, our school had a relay. It was a race! First, the house captains picked fast students to participate in the race. After that race, parents and teachers gathered in to race (Only parents who wanted to race). It was funny because one of the teachers (Miss Scanlan) fell. 
This is also a writing from ages ago that I needed to post. Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Achive your personal best!

Achieving your personal best is the best thing to do. When you achieve something in life, the best thing to do is make it your best! Your future depends on what you achieve and not achieve in life. If you want something really bad, you have got to earn it. One thing someone told me was that I should practice, practice, practice to make perfect!  

Once you have practised, you will need to have experienced it! For example, let’s look at the Mate Ma’a Tonga team in rugby league world cup! Some on the talented players have been chosen to play for countries. The countries that have chosen the players pay the players a lot of money. But instead they have chosen to play for their home country! Instead they only get paid $30 per day. The members of the Mate Ma’a Tonga team had sent this as there inspirational quote, country over currency!

The games that they had for the seniors on our school fields were… Volleyball, Dodgeball, Javelin, there were also different types of obstacles to play! In some of the stations, there were adults to guide us students. My goal on Friday was try to participate in every station and do my best in it. I achieved it!  

Our first station was Javelin. Tyson was the adult in that station. We rotated around the bottom fields. I recon the most nerve racking station was the sprints. Before we were racing I could feel goosebumps growing on my skin, but I had to think of something that will distract me. I didn’t do well in everything, but I did do my best.

Athletics was a day to remember! My friends were all there and we had a great time! The best part is, we all tried our best even though some of us weren’t good at it.

This is a catch up!

Monday, 4 December 2017

Word Problems - Week 5

This week is week 5. I know I have not posted in a long time.
Anyways, this week I was learning to understand 2 operations 
(+, -, x, /) can be solved to each problem. I will try and post 
more things before the year ends!

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr Patterson's Speech

This morning in literacy class, the whole of team 5 had to meet in the street at 9.30 for a special guest speaker. Before that we did a bit of literacy before we gathered in the street. His face was familiar, I notist him from last year. He came and spoke to us with two students from Tamaki College. This year he came by himself.

Today he was talking about inspiring things. He had a presentation ready for us to see. On one of the slides there were these 3 letters... "A + I = M" He gave us time to try figure out what it meant. It was Aspiration + Inspiration = Motivation! 

One of the other stories was how he was coming back to NZ from Australia, ans his flight got cancelled. So Air New Zealand had to book hotel rooms, and at the hotel, there was this long line and a young couple with 3 children under the age of 5 at the back behind 100 people. So he let them in front of himself, then another person offers them in front of the line. The point was... The more you give the more you get! 

He also talked about this 11 year old boy called Willy who was walking to school and saw a homeless man crying of sadness, so he gave him his lunch money. He did it for about a week. The homeless man was so impressed he walked with Willy to school and told the principle. Willy got a golden award! 

Friday, 20 October 2017

Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

It's finally term 4! The last term of school for 2017! In fact,
the last term for us year 8's! This week my numeracy 
teacher Mrs Ilaoa has given me and my group this 
presentation to complete. We had to try to use different 
strategies to solve problems. It is Term 4, week 1! 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Immersion Assembly Term 4 2017

Immersion Assembly

Yesterday morning was the first day of term 4 (16/10/17). It was that time of the day when team 5 had to met in the street to do our usual routine. We did our mihi and karakia, as always. Then Mrs Tele'a explained about our day. It was 9 o'clock and we filed out in our GB lines (girl/boy) into the hall from the street. We were finally seated in the hall and the assembly began. 

We were greeted with a song from Mr Burt, Mr Jacobson, Mrs Nua, Mr Somerville, and Mr Wiseman called musical madness. They played instruments and sang at the same time. As some of you know, the theme for this term is Musical Madness, so they sang a song about music. After the song, Mr Burt announced to the school that it was time for team 1 to perform. 

So the teachers in team 1 are Mrs Hockley, Mrs Lal, Miss Szymanik, Mrs Dwyer, Mrs Squires, and a teacher who will be with them for 4 weeks, and her name is Miss Clark. In their performance they were playing a game of snap! While they were playing they had music on. Their main purpose was to show how music can change your feelings and emotions. For example they played The Last Post (Anzac music). It made them feel sad because of the people who died in Anzac. 

It was time for team 2's item. The teachers in team 2 are Mrs Tumahai, Miss Peck, Mrs Gaston, and Miss Nalder. They sang a song. The song was In The Jungle. They also used instruments. Mrs Gaston sang and played the ukulele at the same time. Mrs Nalder used a Bongo drum. Mrs Tumahai played a xylophone, and Miss Peck played a little instrument that sounded like a tambourine. 

Team 3, it was time for the teachers in team 3 to perform. The teachers in team 3 are Mr Moran, Miss King, Miss Davis, Miss Eddie, and Mrs Moala. They didn't perform, they made a video. Their video was Songs In Real Life. They used different songs to define what they are saying. It was really funny and also entertaining. It was one of my highlights of the Immersion Assembly. 

Mr Somerville, Mr Goodwin, Miss Parrant, Miss Scanlan, Miss West, and Mrs Buchanan are the teachers in team 4. They also made a video clip instead of performing. Their movie was about riding to school in a car listening to music. Kind of like carpool karaoke. They also expressed their feelings when they were listening to songs. This was also one of my favourites. I was very interested in their movie. 

And finally, the last but not least, team 5! These teachers are the teachers of the seniors. They are Mrs Tele'a, Mrs Ilaoa, Mr Wiseman, Whaea Kelly (Who replaced the beautiful Mrs Judd), and Ms Tapuke. Their performance was about how music and sounds can change the way of the movie. They used a clip from The Lion King, and used different songs and sounds to show how it can easily change the feeling and mood.