Friday, 7 March 2014

Have you ever heard about the life cycle of a frog? Well let me tell you about it. There are four main stages  of the frogs life cycle!.Lets start from the beginning.

The egg is born with other eggs and that is called  spawn and it is also covered with sticky  jelly. The sticky jelly will project the eggs from the other animals to eat them.

As soon as the egg hatches it will begin to have a tail and that is called tadpoles. The tail will start to grow lungs in it’s tail.
After two weeks tadpole’s tail will begin to grow shorter until it has disappeared.

The next stage is called a froglet! The tiny froglet will get out of the water and hop on the land. It will quietly listen for danger.
The froglets skin is very thin so it has to dry.

After two years it is an full adult and it will find a new partner and that is how a frogs life cycle is and it will start all over again.

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