Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Holiday Hlight

My Holiday Hlight
In my holiday my cousins Mary and Sienna came with their parents from Australia. Their mum is Italian and their dad is my dad’s first cousin and his name is Samuel. Ever since they came my sister Rachel has been taking  Mary and Sienna with their mum and me around.

Two weeks ago my sister took us to Kohimarama park in mission bay. Once I go up the very high stairs it was finally my turn so I hopped on and pushed my legs agencies the ground and I shouted “Weeeeeeeee”! I screamed once you reach the bottom you swing high in the air and swing back down. “Mary came and have a turn it is awesome” I shouted. She was way too scared to hop on and have a turn so she started to cry and after my sister said “It’s time to go home” Then she wanted to have a turn. She hopped on and had a turn.

After all that fun we finally went home and had some ice cream. I felt so taierd after all what happen.

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  1. Hi Vinolia,
    Wow that must have been a wonderful holiday of yours that was really cool how you really made it sound like you were on the swing
    Keep up the good work