Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Hooked on Hockey

Hooked on Hockey
A game of field hockey

  1. What is interesting about Jayan and his family? They all play hokey even the mum and dad.

  1. Why do you think hockey is a good winter sport? The good thing about hockey is that you go on ice with ice skate and you go very fast.

  1. Name three key hockey skills: passing,dribbling and goal-scoring.

  1. What safety equipment do they wear?mouth guard,shinpad.

  1. Name the three hockey positions: Goalkeeper,defender,strikers.

  1. Why do you think it is fun to be the striker?  because it is fun scoring.

  1. How long is  the whole game? How do you know? 30 minutes because it sad the whistle blowes at 15 minutes and 15 plus 15 equals 30.

  1. Why wont Jayam have many sleep-ins? because he has got practice to do.

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