Wednesday, 20 August 2014

A Bowl Of Rice

A Bowl Of Rice 1.1.09
rice bowl

1. Find Vietnam on a map. Colour and label it. Take a photo to put on this doc to show where it is.
Screenshot 2014-08-20 at 09.35.35.png
2. What tells you it is time to harvest the rice? What tells me when it is time to harvest the rice is that when the rice is green is not ready but when it is yellow then it is time to harvest the rice.

3. What is a ‘threshing machine’? (what does it do?) The threshing machine separates the rice grains from the stalks.

4. What goes into a threshing machine?What goes into the threshing machine is a bundles of rice are fed into one of the noisy machine.

What 2 things come out separately? Rice grains and stalks.

5. What do the family use each of these things for: Duys dad sweep them up and pours them into a milling machine.

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