Friday, 13 February 2015

Duffy theater

Walt Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing.
Duffy theatre
On Monday the year 4-8 went to the hall to have Duffy theatre. Has your class ever been to a Duffy theatre? as soon as we got there, there was two girls and one boy. that boy was acting as Duffy but his real name is Tj. When was were seated the two girls came up to us and asked if any one wants to play simon says until everyone is ready. She was tricking us and that was very tricky. As soon as everyone got ready and was seated.  Tj which was Duffy ran up to the front and was introducing their stuff.


Then the show began. The first part was when Duffy was tell us about how Sienna hated reading and she never new how a library was like. So Duff asked us to help him make Sienna  see and like reading. Sienna's was annoying her mum when she was going work. Sienna was asking her mum if she could help her with her homework.But Her mum was saying all these stuff that she just disappeared to the back. So Sienna sat on the bench, then Duffy came out and was talking to Sienna.


After all of that stopped Sienna had to go detention because she never finished her homework so she was walking to school but suddenly It started raining. So Sienna stopped at this place with alot of books and she thought it was a shop, but I think you know what it is It’s a library.After she went inside and she found Duffy then they where talking how Sienna hated reading and they where looking at all these kind of books.

Duff say’s that sometimes when you read you get imaginations. So Duffy left while Sienna was reading all these cool books but Duffy did not know that Sienna was reading. Sienna got all these kind of imaginations while she was reading books.
Suddenly Duffy came Sienna closed the books as fast as she could.
Because she didn't want Duffy to know all she wanted Duffy to know was how she likes watching tv and watching nickelodeon.
After all the imaginations and the drama and the sing. The show ended with a Imaganision that Sienna lived as a princess and she had a fairy gardener.

That show was funny, and interesting I liked the part when Sienna was imagine how she lived in a big castle. what part did you like tell me in the comments. Thanks for reading my story about the Duffy theatre.

What I learn is how I must Follow the structure of a recount to produce a piece of writing.

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