Thursday, 5 February 2015

My aunt’s birthday

My aunt’s birthday
Have you ever been to Judges bay?
well if you haven’t it is a beach. The reason why we went was because it was my aunt’s birthday and we wanted to celebrate. I was so excited to go when we where in the car. when we got there I jumped off the car and ran to our spot. But suddenly I forgot all of my stuff so I  ran as fast as I can, and then I fell.

                     Paragraph 1
So about me falling my face to the ground, that hurt really bad. but I got back up and grabbed my stuff and started running up the hill angin!. When I got up to the hill and then my mum called me so I had to run down the hill again.  But I walked because I was so tired of running I couldn't even walk I just fall straight away to the ground again.

                 Paragraph 2
Afterwards it was time to blow the cake. And that cake is the cake that my sister made and it was a m&m cake. Then we sang happy birthday. Then I got into my togs and went it to the beach and started swimming.

                    Paragraph 3
Just as I was swimming I saw little red jellyfish’s and there was a bunch of them. It was so annoying that lucky it was time to eat so I hopped out to go eat then I went back in the water and that was pretty much it

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