Monday, 9 March 2015

Newspaper tower

Walt: write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation.
Do you know what newspaper tower is? It’s a game that involves newspaper and building the tallest tower you can make in 8 minutes. Well we did it this morning well we had to get into five groups, and also everyone went ahead and started.

The first normal routine we had to do was get our netbooks and sit on the mat. Well Mr Goodwin was speaking I was thinking how fun this would be. And next we got into five groups.

As soon as we divided into our groups of five. The people that was in my groups was Sulieti,Inez,Kura,Loseli, and Rima. Mr Goodwin gave us 5  pieces of newspapers and some tape and also he said that we had eight minutes to build our newspaper tower and a scissors. And we were panicking because we thought we will have at least fifteen minutes.

When Mr Goodwin setup the timer to eight minutes he said go!. And the game began the first Idea we had was to roll the paper  so that we can stack it and also to stick it with our sticky tape. As soon as 8 minutes was done Mr Goodwin called out and stop!.

When it was time for results it was time to put our master pies to the front. And we forgot to make something to balance our  newspaper tower. So we did not win or even had a master peace. So the there was only 2 towers that was made but we there was 2 that was not made including our team. The winner was Team Cameo.

I thought that it was an very funny,fun, and complex  experience.
But I was glad that they won and the winners was so lucky because that they got something special at morning tea.

What I learned was how to write a detailed introduction with hook and orientation. Just like the walt witch stand for we are learning to whatever your learning.

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