Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Immersion assembly

Walt: use different types of sentences to improve writing

Have you ever had people cooking in your school assembly before? well that is what happened today at our Immersion assembly. there were teachers and  prefects cooking s'mores and mini pikelets, and they were handing it around to the kids who’s sitting up.

As I took one step in the breeze I could smell all of the yummy pikelets being handed to students. Ohoo yeah I was late when my class lined up to go to the assembly. I also saw a droun being controlled by a perfect, the school
had a new topic which was named Tinkering tools and toys.

On the first team which was team one, had also provided some carrots,celery,sandwiches, well that is all that I saw on the plates. Ohh I have another thing to tell you there team which is team1 the teachers were dressed up in Minions on the movie despicable me.  

So off to the next  team which is  team two, and they were doing a show about Winnie the poo and his friends helping his other friend which was Epyon, helping him build his own house. And the way he was talking was so hilarious. Now we should move on to team 3  

They just had a little movie and they were dressed in minions. So now its on our witch is team 4, all that our teacher, Mr Somerville did was just talk about how we will be making video games. Now its time for team 5, do what they did was all of them was dressed as a soldier, and most of them were screaming so it was really loud.

So I will have to say that my favourite team would have to be, team five. Because as soon as they scam I looked at the people and their faces had an reaction. So if you had to pick one of the teams comment down below, saying which team you like.

So what I have learned was how to use different tips of sentence to improve my writing. Yep just like the walt. So if you do not know what the walt stands for, it stands for we are learning to, and then you write what you are learning about.

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