Friday, 8 May 2015

Nepal earthqauke

Walt: find proof of the authors message.

Nick is an young boy who loves to play with his friend Martin on his computer. Also his older sister Lisa loves like I mean loves to mock and tease him. How would you feel if an earthquake hits your city?Well to be honest I would actually feel how the people feel in nepal feel. (destroyed, Depressed, and down.

What are your thoughts on the Nepal earthquake?My thoughts on the nepal earthquake is how depressing they are feeling and how hurt they must be. Not only that but other people should think about the kids.

Is there anything that you could do, to help the people in Nepal who have suffered from the earthquake? Yes I may have an way to, well my first idea is to make a bake sale or at least a sausage sizzle.

What I have learned was how to find proof of the authors message. Yep just like on to at the walt, and if you do not know what the walt stands for it stands for, we are learning to, and then you tipe down what you learned.

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