Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Winter school Report

Walt: write a news style report

Winter school Report
By Vinolia Tapa

Winter is coming and students such as Loseli thinks that we should have school shut down only on rainy days .

And when it is rainy days Pt England school is to be shut down on rainy days. Because kid's can get sick and wet, not only that but also they can catch a flu.

As time is going winter is coming, and it is going to start next week till august. Winter has all kinds of threatening things in it such as thunderstorms, lightnings, and the most thing I hate is hail.

Students at Pt England school feel cold, wet, and soggy all because of the rain. My friend Loseli, says that she doesn't like the rain. Because It makes her sick and when she gets in indoors she feels soggy.

Loseli feels that school is to be closed because if it was a rainy day today and the they get sick tomorrow. Then that means they have to stay home and be sick.

So what I have learned on this writing is how to write a news style report. Yep just the the walt and if you do not know what the walt stands for it stands for we are learning to, and then you write what you have learned.

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