Friday, 26 June 2015

Super Mario World

Walt: write effective paragraphs

Super Mario World is kind of a famous game in New Zealand, and I'm sure you’ve heard about it befor. Super Mario is an sidescrolling  game that you can play online. I have just finished playing the game, the game also has killers in it that makes you start the level again.  

You must collect,dodge, and go throw tough and simple levels. So the aim of the game is to pass  most of the levels as you can. but you must beware of the bad mushrooms and the wormly birds, and if you do not you will have to start that level again. I have managed to pass two levels, which I am not proud enough of.

Mario is an special character in Super Mario World. He is from Italy. His main suite is an red overall. If you play the game, he will only be your player to compete in it. He has a cap that is red and, has a white M on it he also has a brown mustache on top of his mouth, not only that but on his round eyes, it is the colour of blue.    

Controller's, well in this Mario game you do not need a videogame controller, you will have to have a keyboard. When you use the keyboard,  (controller) you will have buttons that has arrows on it. So as you use this controller, I should say that it is easier if you tap the button  instead if holding it. It’s easier because if you get up to the evil enemies you can slow down, so that you can jump on it.

My thoughts of the game is that everytime I play it, I get so frustrated because if I am almost finish the level, and then I just die, and that’s when I get frustrated. I actually do recommend the game, cause its fun and my friends like the game is well. Lets start with the dislikes, my dislikes of this game is that there is a land where you jump and if you don’t get on it you will fall down. My likes on this game is that you can grow bigger.

Discripsion of Learning:
For are writing this week we have learnt how to write effective paragraphs.
And yes it is like the walt.  But my favourite thing about doing this was
playing the Super Mario game.

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