Thursday, 23 July 2015

If I had a million dollars

Walt: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words
If I had a million Dollars at the Mall
It would be super fun If I had a million dollars at the mall. It will be fun because I could just buy a whole store or, maybe just buy a whole section,with that section It could be a use.

At ToyWorld I would obviously buy  kinetic sand because I like to play with things that you can squeeze and shape. Another thing I would buy at ToyWorld is  those minion toys because they are funny, right  Of course how about a Nerf Rebelle cause I can shoot one of my friends without them knowing.

JB Hifi
If I had a million dollars in JBHIFI I would obviously buy speakers and a macbook. Because this would be my time to buy heaps of stuff at JBHIFI.Or another thing I would do is run and get heaps of Ipads. Nek minute my money gets all finished.

At the Warehouse I would run with my trolley across most of the sections of clothes and grab everything I can grab. Then I will run across to the lolie section and get one of each kind of lolie. But for chocolate I would get every single Whittakers and dairy milk.

But really if I had a million dollars I would actually pay all of my house bills because I am the one in my family that makes the house bills get bigger. Or I could donate to buy the homeless people some food and new clothes. And if I had some left over money I could split it and give it to my whole family.

Discripsion of learning:
What I have learnt from this piece of writing was how to write an effective paragraphs using juicy
and exciting words. And yes it is like the walt. But I hope that my litracy teacher, (Mr Goodwin) teaches me more about using juicy words.

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