Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Chocolate tasting

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader.
The L&P Whittaker's chocolate is one of my favourite chocolates to eat during the day.

The product is from the chocolate brand Whittaker's. The things I know it contains is white chocolate and L&P flavour. The cost of it was three dollars and fifty cents.

The tiniest sniff ever I already knew what it was, lemon and paeroa it reminded me of my first sip of L&P. The feel of it was smooth like a baby’s bottom, It melted in my fingertips like a ice cube melting.  Looking at it tells me to put all four pieces in my drooling mouth. And finally tasting it was the best time in my life, I guess it was my first time tasting a L&P chocolate.

Because it is one of my favourite chocolates I don’t really have to improve it.
But here's one just for making it a little better. Well you know how I like the popping bit I would make that there a more of those things.

I would akshully recommend it to be my daily snack. But I hope that my sister will like it so that she can buy it everyday.  

Discripsion of learning:                                                                  
The thing I have learnt from this writing was how to write a story and at the same time I try to paint a picture in the readers head. I am really hoping that we get to do something like this again. I guess I have found my favourite chocolate.                                                                                  

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