Thursday, 13 August 2015

My job application to washing the dishes

The job that I will be applying to is doing the dishes. If I get the job I must finish these dishes before silent reading. Once the dishes are clean and dry I would put them back into where they belong.

The reason why I want this job so bad is because I don’t have that much PT’s and I would like to have some more. I also have the right skills to wash the dishes well and fast. The reason why I have this skill is because at home my dad always tells me to wash the dishes even though I didn't eat. I also have the skill to be mature when it comes to washing the dirtiest dishes ever. I you chose me I would be so thankful.

As she is my little sister I think that she will be a good dish washing girl because she is always washing things at home. She will fit in this job perfectly and she can take all those dirty things and will manage herself. She is a very responsible girl and loves to keep things clean. She always gets up to a full, disgusting sink. Washing dishes is not only her thing she also takes the cleaned dishes to were they belong.

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