Tuesday, 25 August 2015

My Trade Fair Recount

Walt: use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader
This term our topic in Pt England school is trade and enterprise. So basically we are making and selling things in my block. But before we did that we got into groups of the things you make.

A trade fair is when you can order things and you may get a chance to buy it at that moment. So when you order you get a piece of paper and write what colour you want it to be, other notes, and other things. And then you may get a chance to get told when to pick it up.

So the groups that we have in the year five and six block is Kitchen, Toys, Homeware, Jewellry and Accessories, and last but not least custom stationery. The group that I am in is the jewellry and accessories group. In my business group we are making loom band bracelets and key rings. The cost of the tools that we needed altogether was five dollars, but when I made it I sold it for 80 pieces.

My experience with this trade fair was quite not a good kind of experience. Because as I was trying to get people to order some on my bracelets, no one was really coming towards our table to order anything. But I was also feeling high. Because when it was time for me and Lani to go and order things, I bought a chocolate bowl with chocolate pudding in it.

I can not wait until week eight, because that is when we will be having our first market. My group the Mystic Makers. will be selling loom band bracelets and key rings.
Discripsion of learning:
The thing that I have learnt from this writing was how to use language that paints a picture in the mind of our reader. And yes it is just like the Walt, And by the way the walt stands for we are learning to, and then you write what you have learnt. I am really looking forward to the week eight market, because I may get rich by selling things.

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