Friday, 16 October 2015

Room 6 Fear Factor

Walt: think about my purpose and reader by planning my recount

1. Introduction
Hook them in and tell them about the fear factor challenge that we are doing
2. Body Paragraph 1
Mr Goodwin told us about fear factor and that we were going to do it
3. Body Paragraph 2
How the contestants got picked for the challenge
4. Body Paragraph 3
When they began to eat the the river water and the frog eggs
5. Conclusion
What I thought and felt about the fear factor challenge

Straight after the earthquake drill we went straight ahead to writing, and we were writing about our very own fear factor that we were going to do. A fear factor challenge is when you do all kinds of crazy things, but ours was not very crazy. Mr Goodwin has said that the food is river water and frog eggs, but at that very moment I knew it was a fake.

Our room six literacy had a fear factor challenge. Yes that's right we had our very own fear factor challenge, Mr Goodwin has told us that the contestants that he picks will be eating and drinking water from the river and frog eggs. But as soon as I heard that sentence from his mouth I knew straight away that he was lying.

Description of leaning:
The thing I have learnt from this lesson was how to think about my propose and reader by planning my recount. Yes it is just 
like the walt, if you do not know what the walt stands for it 
stands for we are learning to, and then you write what you have 

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