Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Simon's Cat/My Cat

Walt: Write a narrative
Simon's Cat\ My Cat !!!
“Ohh yes! I just hope it’s not a dream, this sandwich is so mouth melting.” Simon is in the finest dream out of the history of finest dreams. During Simon’s enjoyable dream, Simon feels a small slap. At that point he definitely knows that it’s his annoying cat! Simon just tries to ignore it and carrys on with his dream. His cat is trying to wake Simon up to feed him.

His cat tried and tried to get Simon to wake up and feed him. He scratched, spanked, and slapped Simon to wake him up. While that happens, Simon twists and turns. Even I think that this cat could be annoying, especially when you are in something that could be one and a lifetime chance.

Whack! his cat spanks him with a baseball bat right on the left eye. “Ahh” Simon wakes up and looks around that room. His cat quickly fake sleep and acts to wake up and look like he did not do anything. He fake wakes and then he opens his mouth and he also points into it. If you caught what I was trying to tell you, good on you. But if you didn't, well here it comes. All the cat was trying to do was trying to wake up Simon to feed him!
This is what I had to complete for week 4 writing. Imagine if you had a annoying cat like this. I have experienced how it is to be around cats, not my cat my cousins (Liku) cat. If you do have a cat or a annoying at like this just let me know by commenting. If you would like to see the video click on this Link.

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