Wednesday, 24 February 2016

What legend is this?

 What legend is this?

“It doesn't look like the picture” Jack whispers to Hazel. Well you guys wanted to come and camp here, so suck your thumbs and set the tent. The tent was set and it was sunset so it was time to get into our big tent and fall asleep before it would turn pitch black.

 Early in the morning Jeff woke up and jumped outside their tent because he heard a jumbo noise outside, but as he got outside the rest of the woke up. “Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, where's jeff” Jack yells. Jeff tells Jack to “shhhhhhhhh!” The night after they made a fire to stay warm, the fire was set. They all sat on a piece of log each while Sawyer opened the pack of marshmallows he came with to toast it.

While they were toasting they just heard the weirdest noise in the history of weirdest noise. “ Ahhhhh “ a big loud noise is heard. It looks like a trap, they all walked into the bushes and fell into a spell. The spell took them to some secret cave and they fainted. When they woke up they all saw a humongus monster.  “Ahhhhhhhhhh”  The monster killed them and that is the end of the story.
This is the end of the story but you should try and figure out WHAT LEGEND IS THIS!

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