Friday, 8 July 2016

Weekly Activity

Why did I pick boxing? 
I picked boxing because it looked very interesting and I also have a cousin that does boxing! Boxing is a very common sports during the Olympics. Boxing from way back then was way more different then now. If I had a sport to play when I am older it would be 50% boxing that I would chose! 

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  1. Malo e leilei Vinolia,

    Welcome to the Winter Learning Journey programme! I am so happy that you've joined our journey this holiday. I really enjoyed reading your first post about the Olympic sport that you would choose. I think that it's very cool that your cousin is a boxer. Wow! Have you ever seen him/her compete? I recently watched a really interesting television show about a very famous boxer named Mohammad Ali. Have you ever heard of him? Sadly, he passed away recently but he was one of the very best boxers in his day.

    I hope that you're able to continue to log on and post such interesting blogs over the holiday. I'm already looking forward to reading your next post!

    Cheers, Rachel