Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Mexico Information (Researching)

I picked Mexico because I find that their country is an interesting place. Some Mexican people live in America. I was researching about Mexico on the internet, and I have found out some results that there are 122.3 million people in Mexico in the year of 2013. I've also found out that they like to eat a lot of spicy food. Mexico is one common country that has a lot of violence that happens there. Also that they do a lot of drug dealing too. There are also some places in Mexico that are beautiful in the country.


  1. Malo e lelei Vinolia and welcome to the summer learning journey programme. I am so happy to see that you have joined us this year. That's wonderful!

    I am also really happy to see that you have chosen such a different and unique country. Personally, I am fascinated by Mexico. The food, language and culture is very different from here in New Zealand. I actually wish that we had more Mexican restaurants in NZ as I love Mexican food! I love nachos, fajitas, tacos and quesadillas. Have you ever tried Mexican food?

    I hope that you will continue to blog with us this summer and to learn more about this amazing country!

    All the best for the rest of the week.

    See you online this summer :)


  2. Malo e lelei Vinolia,
    My name is Tania and I am a Manaiakalani Outreach Facilitator - I work in lots of different schools with teachers and learners who, like you, are using chromebooks for their learning and blogs to share their learning. I have been emailing with Rachel and she has told me all about The Summer Learning Journey, great to see you are getting started and have chosen Mexico as your country. It is so sad that there is lots of violence in Mexico and lots of drug dealing. I wonder if you will discover why this is. You are right, there are some places in Mexico that are beautiful too. I have a friend who was on a Mission with his Church in Mexico City and he told me of some amazing pyramids he went to. I didn't even know there were pyramids in Mexico until then. I am sure you will teach me some things about Mexico too through your blogposts. Keep on learning and keep on sharing.

  3. Hola Vinolia,

    I'm Mark - a teacher working for the Summer Learning Journey project. I have to say, your research is already some of the most socially conscious of the lot. Knowing the struggles of the Mexican people is very mature, and you should be very proud of yourself.

    There are lots of wonderful things about Mexico though, so don't let the news stories get you down too much. One thing that I love learning about is the ancient Mayan civilization. You might not know, but they were incredibly advanced with pyramids and were an impressive society, with religion and gods of their own. A lot of it is now hidden beneath the jungle.

    I hope you enjoy our programme and look forward to reading more of your blogs soon!

    Take care,


  4. Hi Vinolia,
    I wrote to you earlier today but I can't find my comment so I will write again. My name is Lisa and I live in Chile with my husband and two children. We are all originally from NZ. I have been to Mexico (quite a few years ago) and I have to say I really loved the spicy food. The food in Chile is quite different - it almost never has any spice at all! But there are also a lot of similarities between Chile and Mexico. I liked Mark's comment about the Mayan civilization. I have visited some of the old sites and also those of the Aztecs, another ancient civilisation in the area. My daughter has studied all about the Aztecs, Mayans, and the Incas this year at school (the Incas lived further South). Have fun with the rest of your research!

  5. Hi Vinola,

    Great post! There are lots of wonderful things about Mexico which I do not know about, and I'm hoping you'll keep blogging to help inform not just me, but everyone else who visits your blog!

    Keep it up!