Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Maths word problems and Poster

WALT: Illustrate the steps I used to solve each problem. Illustrate means - to draw or show.

This presentation is my learning task for week 3 term 1. My class and I have been learning this week to illustrate the steps in this presentation that I used to solve the problem of the questions. I will be looking forward to doing more of this kind of work in the future. 
This is my poster that I have created to go along with the presentation.
I have also created this to show how I have solved the first question on the first slide! 


  1. Awesome Vinolia! you have definitely achieved the Learning Intention. I hope this helps you to solve more word problems in the future. Keep up the good work

  2. Malo Lelei,
    My name is Mary Taufa, I am your blog buddy and I really like the way you explained the strategy of how you reached your answer. I like to solve problems as well. What other strategies have you learnt this week?

  3. Hello Vinolia,

    My name is Davarni, I am a year 7 at Glenbrae school. I like your poster because it shows you a easier way to solve problems and also I have learnt about this strategy. Hope when you are working on a maths problem you can use the strategies you have learnt.