Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Mr Patterson's Speech

This morning in literacy class, the whole of team 5 had to meet in the street at 9.30 for a special guest speaker. Before that we did a bit of literacy before we gathered in the street. His face was familiar, I notist him from last year. He came and spoke to us with two students from Tamaki College. This year he came by himself.

Today he was talking about inspiring things. He had a presentation ready for us to see. On one of the slides there were these 3 letters... "A + I = M" He gave us time to try figure out what it meant. It was Aspiration + Inspiration = Motivation! 

One of the other stories was how he was coming back to NZ from Australia, ans his flight got cancelled. So Air New Zealand had to book hotel rooms, and at the hotel, there was this long line and a young couple with 3 children under the age of 5 at the back behind 100 people. So he let them in front of himself, then another person offers them in front of the line. The point was... The more you give the more you get! 

He also talked about this 11 year old boy called Willy who was walking to school and saw a homeless man crying of sadness, so he gave him his lunch money. He did it for about a week. The homeless man was so impressed he walked with Willy to school and told the principle. Willy got a golden award! 

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  1. Hello Vinolia,
    I enjoyed reading your post about my talk.
    I was really impressed how you guys were able to work out the three words in the formula from the letters!